Colon cleanser super seed blend eco packet


Colon cleansing seed blend

This favourite blend of seeds has a powerful cleaning, sweeping action to support the digestive system in the removal of phlegm to prevent the build up residue in the system. for a GI tract and digestion to function properly.

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Colon cleansing blend 70g Eco pack
Contents: Basil Seeds, London Rocket seeds (hackshir), Chia seeds and Psyllium Husks

Suitable for digestive conditions.
Application: Take 1 dessert spoon daily.
Eco pack contains 7 x days servings.
Actions: Psyllium husks are well know to increase successful bowel movement flow.
Iranian Hackshir Seeds regulate and seek to balance the Thyroid gland through bringing harmony to high or low hormones. As a result, they are traditionally said to create good humour and bring happiness. It was prescribed for many ailments, as a cure all, by Iranian botanists during ancient times.

Use regularly

Clears phlegm and mucus residue in the digestive system.
Consume regularly, on a daily basis, to increase digestive system health.

To help the Digestive system to work properly. For use in food preparation.

Serving suggestions: add into liquids, to thicken.
1. A Breakfast Smoothie.
2.lunch or dinner.

3. As a desert.
Fruit mousse. soak the seeds in water and add to seasonal fresh or stewed fruit; plum, apple and blackberries and blend to a mousse consistency due to its thickening properties.

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