Practitioner Profile

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Theresa Webb BA. Dip. NT I have been working as a qualified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner (CNM London trained) since 2012. My practices are based in Central and South London clinics and I also combine practicing freelance across SE England.  I have over 10 years experience  in the field of as a Food Industry Consultant, Specialist and chef (by experience over formal training). During this time, I fell unwell and through changing my own diet radically to improve my health, regained my energy and vigour. In 2005, I founded Kitchen Buddy Culinary School Classes to enable families and busy professionals to create their own exciting menus for their lifestyles through whole food cookery, by following the principles of sound plant-base (vegan & raw food) nutrition and by exploring new ways to introduce regular, common ingredients. This passion to promote healthy eating drives my involvement in Kitchen Buddy which  specialises in wheat, gluten and dairy free, no added-sugar meals (inc. vegan) Class options include One to one individual cookery tuition or via group classes, workshops and retreats, held in UK and abroad. Owing to the lack of suitable raw vegan foods on the market, In 2005 I also began to develop my own raw and vegan range of  Organic and Fair-Trade health & lifestyle foods, including Raw Chocolatier (made using 75% Ecuadorian Cacao) and is designed to have beautiful; flavours, whilst being wheat, gluten  & dairy free, plus no-added sugar. The entire range is suitable for Diabetics, Coeliacs and those with a Lactose intolerance. A selection is also nut-free. Stockists currently include Pistachios in the Park, SE London and ecstatic\conscious live Music and dance events in London. Public and private events. Following many years of personal practice and interest, I qualified as a Children’s Yoga Teacher (YogaBugs) and Massage theory qualified (ITEC) (2007\2009).

My interests include being out in nature; the countryside, the sea and the associated wildlife, wild flowers and herbs, viewing the moon and solar system, juggling, roller skating, making music, dancing, art & the arts, writing and making luscious tasting & looking food, handi-crafts, gardening, growing my own fruit & veg and eco lifestyles…