Appointment and Consultation Process

Nutritional Therapy Appointment and Consultation Process

The Consultation process

A FREE 10 mins consultation is offered to all patients prior to any appointment with Theresa. This is to easily ascertain if Nutritional Therapy is for you and how it might benefit your situation. Appointments are suitable for both adults and children. In the case of young children and infants, it is not necessary to bring them into the clinic for the 90 mins consultation, unless you prefer to. Parents may accompany young children in clinic at any time.

Please supply your current email address and contact phone number.

A Nutrition Questionnaire and Food Diary

You will be sent a couple of forms by email to complete in advance of the session.  Complete the Questionnaire and return to Theresa in advance of the appointment. Bring a copy of the Food Diary to your appointment to show and discuss with your therapist\Theresa.

Your Nutritional Therapy Consultation
The initial full consultation may take up to 90 mins. (1hr appts are available upon request)

During this time, your individual Treatment plan is designed, to follow for up to a 6 week period. Following this, we recommend making a 1 hr follow-up appointment, to review the affects, progress and response to the treatment suggestions. (60 mins)

The Naturopathic Treatment Plan
Includes: Menus, recipes, new ingredient suggestions and lifestyle considerations for work\life\home balance.

An up-to-date Treatment Plan may provided by email within 24 hrs  following the session.

Points to consider

Our main method involves discussing ways to make practical dietary and lifestyle adjustments. eg. to reduce any substances considered as harmful/toxic towards the liver and kidneys e.g. coffee or alcohol with a suggestion to limit intake by a reasonable quantity or amount. e.g. to reduce from 5 coffees a day to a maximum of 3 daily or from 3 nights drinking, down to 2 nights eg. at the weekend or Fri/Sat eves only. Patient collaboration is fully appreciated with whatever arrangements are made to achieve and attain this challenge.