Kitchen Buddy Urban Forager Summer 2019 tour: Buddhafield Festival

Buddhafield Festival 2019 | Buddhafield

Buddhafield Festival is a joyful gathering of around 4,000 people, celebrating community and connection with the land. Song, dance, arts and crafts, yoga, live music, meditation, and play blend together without drink or drugs to create a loving and life-affirming space.

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Hither Green Festival 2019 – The Verdant Lane Lamppost Community Garden Open Garden

Hither Green Festival 2019
The Verdant Lane Lamppost Community Garden presents
Open Gardens Weekend
Sunday 26th May 2 pm – 5 pm

An opportunity to meet the gardeners and take home a colourful new selection of new seasonal plants!

Children’s planting activities
• Sowing seeds of hope, faith and love
Learn about: local wildlife, grow fresh peas, to take home
Other activities
• Plant Stall: fruit, vegetables and perennials; add a beautiful splash colour to your life!
• Meet the local beekeepers; learn all about Honey making in SE6
• Amateur radio station – live on air!
• Refreshments available by Theresa @kitchenbuddy
Freshly hand picked, locally sourced Elderflower tonic, herbal teas and raw chocolate treats (gluten-free)
• Keep Britain Tidy: join our local litter picking campaign.
Meet our Fix My Street local champion
• Clean Air Campaign – testing kits installation
• Mental Health Awareness: gardening may improve your mood!  Gardening outdoors, in nature has positive impact on our well-being!
Location: Corner of Verdant Lane and Pasture Rd SE6.
Keeping in touch
Mary and Theresa including Sidney watering the flowers.
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Yoga Teachers Forum London: Yoga and Food

Raw Food

How yoga and our eating choices shape our environment. Poses for digestion, balance and strengthening organs. How to enhance our yoga practice through spiritual nutrition and an ethical lifestyle. Our hedgerow heritage; foraging for our medicine, as an act of spiritual nutrition and art. Yoga off the mat; balances in nature. Seasonal recipes & yin yoga with Theresa Webb.

Video: Theresa’s interview with Julia Davis

Theresa Webb

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Springtime Urban foraging: wild medicinal plants in Manor Park

Springtime Urban foraging: wild medicinal plants in Manor Park

Nature’s secrets are just waiting to be discovered!

Eating wild foods, seasonally enables us to improve our health in many ways (physically, mentally and spiritually).

Theresa Webb

On this guided tour around Manor Park, Theresa shares her local wild weeds’ plant wisdom from growing experience gained from over 13 years of foraging and consuming wild plants in and around UK.

After the tour, enjoy seasonal tasters of a fresh herbal tea and a Wild Pesto dressing. Plus create your own special seasonal wild image to take home and frame for Easter.

Prices: Adults £14.00 *includes a Plant Art design of your choice!
Children under 12 (must be accompanied by a paid adult) FREE.

Buy Tickets Here

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Less is more: young, fresh shoots to collect during Lent. #wildfood

Having reached the ‘half-way mark’ during Lent and I’ve bought a few charity shop items (supporting local and international causes), visited Brighton VegFest with the Vegan Organic Network and enjoyed a new Seaweed produced by @Seagreens.

Since then, Spring reminds us that fresh, new shoots are bursting forth and flower buds preparing to bear fruit later in the year. Behold the best wild food foraging season in the urban South East London region and another walk tour around our local @Mountsfield Park, which yielded many meadow and woodland delights.

Here’s how to pick your own wild green salads, to save purchasing mixed salad leaves, pre-prepared in plastic bags.

In the lower woodland area: Dead nettle has square stems (with apparent edges), tiny pink flowers and leaves similar to that of stinging nettles, offering a robust flavour, minus the sting (hence it’s name). Chickweed (Stellaria Media) spreads and grows horizontally, along the ground, in clumps, with tiny white flowers and lots of leaves, which all has a light flavour, like lettuce.

Cow Parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris) is in lush leaf – with feathery foliage, celery stalk like stems with white buds becoming tall, umbelliferous flower heads later in Spring. Beware not to confuse this with Hemlock, a poisonous, similar plant to which Hogweed is also akin but with purple spots along the stems. Only touch those stems which are green (& not covered in purple splotches).

Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) grows in low level clumps (to a metre high in summer) with iron-rich leaves, delicious to juice (in moderation) or boil into a tea and offers us a natural energy and stamina boost, due to its high iron levels. Combining Dandelion(Taraxacum) detoxes our urinary tract and large Burdock leaves (and roots) opens cells for purification. The former ‘Lion’s-tooth-plant’ (in French) refers to the shape of the plant’s leaves and yellow flower head.

Yarrow (Achillae millefolium); feathery little leaves grow in the grass and have a strong flavour, great for blood clotting and wound healing, as is Plantain (Plantago) with ribbed, pointed, finger-like leaves with threads form parts of the ribs (part of our ‘common-thread’ principle.

We each enjoyed all of these leaves, which due to their being uncultivated, offer us unprecedented mineral amounts of Calcium and magnesium, plus Chlorophyll, as a blood cleanser, which helps in thyroid balance, glowing skin, hormonal balance and energy. Each weed offers a unique, vibrant taste and grows tenacious, wild and free; elements which pass into our cells: we are what we eat (and absorb).


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A Sustainable Lent; a time for giving up of excess consumption

Last week, we taught in school the concept of making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday (& as it transpired, also, on Ash Wednesday), as the tradition of using up simple ingredients to prepare for 40 days of fasting during Lent. Much conversation and pancake making (& eating) ensued x 25 vegan pancakes infact; all made using egg replacer powder and a dairy-free / soya milk. Served with fresh fruit & jam, as Stillness is a #Sugarsmart registered school and we had happy kids.

At home, we made a fresh chocolate dessert *NaturalNutella to serve on more pancakes for our house dinner, minus palm oil, using fresh hazel nuts, cocoa, dates, avocado and bananas: happy housemates.

At the WEN International Women’s Day 30th Anniversary celebration we each sewed a bunting flag with a political message; Butterflies without borders (relating to freedom of migration). I learnt how to blanket stitch on a patch (which will come in handy, I dare say).

At the Vegan Life Show at Alexandra Palace on Saturday I decided to part with tradition and not purchase any additional types of the delicious Yogi Tea; simply tasting them was sufficient.

I resisted buying extra dinners with the delicious Clives pies (gluten free) and instead purchased 5 x large jars of coconut oil, for all our skincare culinary and skin care needs.

Clothing: Buying organic cotton/hemp/bamboo new, quality clothing means that over the years, I’ve collected at least half a dozen pretty long sleeved hemp tops. Each ranging between 2-6 yrs old by now. My purple top is currently a favourite and alas, I spotted a hole on a sleeve and have promised myself to sew up by turning up the cuffs on both sleeves, as they were a little long anyhow.

Approx 7 yrs ago I discovered the softness and warmth of eco-friendly Tights; multi-colours and mainly organic cotton. Similarly, I’ve bought a single pair per year and now have rainbow coloured legs for all seasons. Until I noticed holes in both the brown and pale grey pairs! A needle and thread later and the grey pair may last another few wears (& washes) whilst the brown pair is destined for a new life through upcyling as they are still lovely and soft but might suit a cushion liner instead.

On Saturday I dug out some old Jewellery from my favourite wooden box and discovered a multitude of carefully stored items from my teens during 80s-90s. Taking them out, I’m going to re-purpose and wear a few of them.

For a Party on Saturday, I made up a batch of 5 herb inc. 3 cornered leek Wild herbal dressing for gifts.

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Locally run teenage magazine KychanTeen goes online

KychanTeen Zine was created by two ‘A’ Level Media students, sisters Kyra and Channan to provide a platform for local teenagers outside of the academic curriculum.

In 2016 Channan invited me to contribute articles and recipes to her teenage audience through an A5 magazine freely distributed around Lewisham, which continues to gather and secure a great following among teens and adults alike.

From this month onwards, the magazine in now a subscription only publication and is available to view online via the website . Subscribe online here:

This month features Spring cleansing Juices and Smoothies with added avocados!

Biog. Channan is a media entrepreneur and an excellent photographer; we invited her to participate in our foraging walks for Hither Green Week Festival 2018. She’s our top female, teen photographer and her images feature in the Kitchen Buddy Foraging Calendar 2019.
She is also an ambassador for teenagers with HIV+ status and actively campaigns for equality and health care in this area.

Kitchen Buddy is proud to support Kychan Teen and the HIV+ Charities with , read and download the latest issue through the Issuu app and share with a local teenager!

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Kitchen Buddy’s Wild Weed Walks: pick your own seasonal green salad!

Kitchen Buddy Calenders

Find how leaves, flowers (& later in the season, seeds) are natural remedies in our kitchen; local food, for free.

Plant Art: design your own picture/imagery using cyanographic techniques, to take home to frame.

Prices: Adults tour only £12.50. Tour & art £22.50
Children free with an accompanying adult.

“I’ll never buy another packet of mixed salad leaves again!” Arti (Hither Green Mountsfield Park Spring walk)


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Family friendly; all ages welcome.
Children under 12 yrs old *free* with accompanying adult

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Rail: 5 mins walk from Hither Green train station. 15 mins from Lewisham Station
Buses: 273, 225, 181
Local parking availability

What can I bring into the event?

Wear sensible clothing (walking boots/shoes, wet weather gear), gloves, notebook and pen/pencil, a collection bag (some soft cloth bags are provided).

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