Foragers’ Feedback; Wild Food Testimonials

Wild food foraging is a great outdoor activity suitable for all levels of experience; with adults & children.

Forage Walk participant Testimonials

“Thank you, I enjoyed that; it was really good! I’ve been walking around (at work) and found about 20 new plants which I’d thought were ‘weeds’ and I’ve told my staff!                                                                                   Kenneth Condon (Gardener & Landscaper) Raw Fest UK Festival

“Thank you, this morning has been great fun. I have learned such a lot about plants and using them.”            E. Heverin. (local guide)

“Thank you for a wonderful morning of facts & foraging; have opened my eyes to a whole world of heathiness.” A.Forrest

“Amazing! I loved it! Wonderful to learn about plants I walk past every day and never noticed. Now they’ve become new friends.” S. Colbert

“Had a great morning and afternoon – thank you very much!” Michael Pavanelli

“Really inspiring. I will try to learn more & maybe join a group (favourite parts were) Eating blackberries & picking nettles without being stung”                            S.Scott (Into The Wild Festival 2016)

To arrange seasonal foraging walks in your local area, contact Theresa here.

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