Seasonal Wild Foods: Nature’s Pharmacy

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Seasonal Eating 

Read my Foraging and Wild Plant collection guidelines prior to commencing any collections.

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What’s in season in the UK in …


August & September





Wild & Medicinal Plant tours in Richmond Park & Hill, Highgate Woods and Hither Green, London. 

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Workshop Format

Walk and re-discover the plants from your childhood and how they can be used to treat modern ailments and act as preventatives, in Nature’s Pharmacy. Produce a lively lunch ensemble, with the species you carefully collect & more!

  • Guided Walk & Tour: Medicinal foods
  • Kitchen Buddy group tuition; preparing a plant-based lunch
  • Share a botanical wild feast photos here:

For further information on Wild food foraging Workshops with Theresa Webb BA.Dip.NT contact theresa[at] (replacing ‘at’ with the @ symbol)

Foraging History

Local and seasonal food has always been used for medicine or food, particularly in the countryside. By foraging ourselves, we re-connect and appreciate the land, earth and planet; the sunrise and the moon cycles and phases.

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Walk Leader and Guide

Theresa Webb BA Dip NT. leads wild medicinal food herbal walks and kitchen tutorials & demos around Britain (+ has also taught retreats in Turkey), mainly London, Sussex and Surrey. She has trained as a Nutritional Therapist, Yoga Teacher and has worked in the health food industry field for over 13 years as a consultant, food specialist, chef and demonstrator. As a volunteer she is a local Food Bank ambassador within her Borough and writes for local blogs, appearing on interviews for BBC radio, the Ecologist and other media.

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