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Open Gardens preparations

Spring is … springing; the first signs of snowdrop, Crocus, tête-à-tête (mini daffs), hyacinths, tulips and the bluebells are all over the place! The beauty of floral colours surrounds us in life, as in art. Part way along the back garden path, The sweet scent of my grandparent’s Daphne O Wharbarton (delicate pink flowers), stops me in my tracks and forces me to inhale deeply, more so than usual on an urban street near to the main South Circular.

It is within these realms which holds the Annual Hither Green Festival Open Gardens weekend Sunday 24th May 2020. Entries are now open if you’d like to display your area within the SE6 general boundary. Spring bank rd community garden, near the station, have begun digging out a new pond to attract additional wildlife and our Verdant Lane Lamppost Garden has received funds to go towards practical redevelopment.

Until then, we will enjoy the delicate patterns in dainty spring bulb forms. For the first time this week, on closer inspection, I observed the subtle, green waves on the snowdrop’s white petals. Inspirational Spring!