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Nature Walks in June

Most of the seeds sown have germinated with the exception of lettuces; what to do with all these peppers! It’s soon give away time again.

Gardeners Question Time : it’s always informative to hear the Live and recorded vegan organic network gardeners question time, On Tuesday nights

The heat is on for a Tuesday socially distanced Walk for health; today we decided to take shade under the trees and From 11.30am-12.30pm practice a yoga routine with a meditation and play, by one of the trees.

We witness nature at first hand; relaxing under the boughs with our feet resting against the trunk. Birds are becoming more familiar and closer; male blackbirds, resting in the branches, field fares nibbling the flower buds, a robin, bees and a dragonfly darts about. We strengthen and develop our core balance with a variation of tree poses and swung safely in the branches.

Afterwards we found the bounteous Elderflowers around the outskirts of the park and began collecting, With the view in mind to leave any unopened buds to allow for pollination. This is extremely important, don’t pick them all! Take only what’s necessary for a drink. Nettle tips and seeds plus Linden blossom have begun to open and it’s perfect timing for these delicately scented flowers to add into a soothing drink; this feels like a warm hug in a mug!

More next week, for walks, yoga and seasonal foraging with myself, Steven and new Polish local gardener Pavil in Forster Park from 10.30am for an hour or more.

It’s always informative to hear the Live and recorded vegan organic network gardeners question time On Tuesday nights.

Other visits to arrange: Kew Gardens is open with a booking system in place.

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Medicinal plants boost immunity

Since the enforced isolation in March, friends and I are sharing what we can; our plants, seeds and produce, specifically. As a National Park City Ranger, I now feel like I’m being gifted on a daily basis. Yesterday Paul, the Chair of London National Park City foundation offered me wildflower seeds for a re-wilding exercise in a local disused alleyway, watch this space… plus Basil seedlings in due course. At The Zoom BeInspired walk On Tuesday, an online participant viewer and wildlife teacher offered us eggs from her hens (for my other family members who would appreciate them). Sunflowers and Spinach plants are also growing in exchange. Counting my blessings indeed.

Wednesday’s gift is Sage; a common Mediterranean herb, which loves a warm climate and the Corbett estate, SE6, clearly. Thanks to Yoga teacher Sara Wickert for donating bags of her fresh sage cuttings to the neighbourhood, sharing with one another is a sensible option

Healing with herbs

Sage is a wonderful herb, useful in prevention during covid-19, in addition to Vitamin C and D. Sage has been used in culinary and medicinal forms for centuries; it has many traditional uses.

Meaning: in French the name sage, means wise, to have wisdom. A sage is a person who holds the wisdom for their tribe and far beyond. This is a herb with further visioning properties, like the wise man or wise woman, in traditional medicinal cultures.

Sage contains anti-viral and antimicrobial volatile oils. For this reason, I use it as a refreshing mouthwash, or even a gargle to soothe and prevent sore throats. For a gargle, take a small handful of fresh or dried leaves and add to a pan of fresh water. Simmer for at least 20 mins to allow the scent and goodness from the leaves to disperse into the water. It turns an intense, dark brown colour. Allow to cool entirely before rinsing your mouth and gargling. Spit out and repeat x 3 times. Use for throat infections.

Sage Tea
To drink as an infusion: infuse a small handful of freshly picked leaves in hot water and leave to brew for up to 10 mins or longer for a fuller flavour. The tea will be a gentle, clear green in colour. These properties are ideal for clarity of vision.

Female health

Sage also possesses cooling properties, to ladies’; balancing hormonal symptoms in the menopause and calms menstrual hot flushes, whilst allowing new priorities to develop and be supported. Females develop new needs and values. For others, cool down and refresh from the heat of the sun with a sage tea. In Turkey, at Yuva retreat centre, this is a popular beverage after working outside in the Mediterranean sunshine.

Recipe: Sage and lime Hummus

Sage and lime Hummus


1 cup Chickpeas (either cooked fresh, from a can/carton or Raw sprouted)

1 dsp tahini (sesame seed) sauce

3 dsp olive oil or oil of choice.

1/2 lime juiced

A few sage leaves, plus extra for garnish.
A good pinch salt / seaweed / sodium alternative


Use a food processor or a hand blender to Purée the chickpeas together with the olive oil, tahini, herbs, salt and half the lime juice. Mix well until the paste is as smooth or as chunky as you wish.

Garnish with wild flowers eg. forget-me-nots and the remaining sage leaves. Serve with fresh vegetables as a salad/main course eg Quinoa or on bread or crackers.

Beverage: add the remaining lime juice to a glass water, for a refreshing drink.

Theresa Webb

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Does your life need a Health M.O.T?

A new year, a new dawn, as someone recently said to me. He’s right; forget the unnecessary pressures of resolutions in 2020. Gone are the needs to fulfil certain requirements, however we may wish to re balance ourselves following an end of year (Christmas) excess. This might be achieved in a series of ways. Today we’ll look into this in more detail.

Treasuring this one body of ours. Like a car which we have only once in life. Then we would perhaps take more care of it. Our physical body may compare to a car, we need a periodic physical and mental review and check up, to keep us going; on track. An MOT points to the longevity of the vehicle whilst similarly, a clinical consultation may pinpoint areas which need additional support and highlight ways to achieve this, simply and importantly, affordably. This body of ours deserves our renewed attention.

Ethical Veganism is in the headlines. this past week has been extraordinary in the media. A landmark ruling on ITV News shows that it is unlawful to discriminate an employee for refusing to wear goods derived from animals’ form or consume animal products. More options than ever in dining.
A 1hr 30 mins (max) Nutritional Therapy consultation costs between £50-£65.00

  • CHC Lee, the most established South london complementary health centre, on Manor Lane.
  • LNHC Theobolds Rd, Holborn.
  • International consultations via skype or telephone.

Call Theresa 07734166738

(Free initial 10 mins)