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Boots! Boots! Eco-boots! (& socks)

Being as the London temperatures had plummeted recently and we’re forced to dig out our buried Winter thermals inc. jumpers, vests and long-johns I’ve been re-assessing and making a conscious decision to add eco items into my winter wardrobe.

Recently, several local female friends and I had a conversation about the best eco-footwear for winter; including both socks and boots. Bamboo and Organic Cotton I adore, with no holes and are comfortable. The first bamboo socks I bought and the last (most recent) were from BAM – funky, young-ish pioneers; a set of pastel sports socks and most recently for my housemate. When he arrived so I legitimately had an excuse to give socks as a Christmas present. Two months later and the verdict is in: the most soft, thick and comfortable socks. Worth a try.

Next I love the wonderful eco clothing here:

Custom made Italian boots are possible; at VegFest, after choosing the ideal fabric from a huge selection of colours; with a soft suede like feel but made from recycled plastic bottles. They measured my feet and 2-3 weeks later, they arrive. Result: comfy and a perfect fit.

Thought also has lovely organic cotton, hemp and bamboo collections. https:/

My father recently returned from a 10 day conference visit to India and having worn all his sensible work socks whilst away was forced to wear his ‘Happy Birthday Dad’ socks, for the first time, since his last birthday (in July) the following day…

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Hippocrates comes to Vantra London!

The highlight of early December was a one-off event at Vantra restaurant, which hosted an event with Hippocrates founders Drs Anna Maria and Brian Clements, as part of their European tour. 

We were greeted with a glass of green vegetable juice upon arrival and the next 4 hrs were spent listening to & questioning our speakers about their views and beliefs on disease reversal. The venue was filled to the brim with health practitioners seekers alike and we enjoyed our hosts hospitality with views on the basis to our human health including fresh air, water, environment, lifestyle, fitness, our psychology and emotions. They shared testimonials from guests who travel across the globe to visit their sanctuary. 

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Yoga Teachers Forum London: Yoga and Food

In April 2019 Theresa Webb will be sharing an experience based session on yoga and food. She will be exploring how we can enhance our yoga practice through spiritual nutrition and an ethical life style. She will be looking at asana practices for digestion, balance and strengthening organs. We will also share our own experience of the link between yoga and food in our practice and teaching.