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Raw Chocolatier

Organic, Fair-Trade and locally handmade in London

The Raw Chocolatier was founded by Theresa Webb Dip.NT in 2004 when there were no sugar, dairy & wheat-free organic options available; in response, I began to experiment with simple ingredients under the premise of only using ethically sourced produce in my favourite flavours. I make flavours and styles to suit my family and friends, which includes classics and more twists but still keeping it personal. For example, as we’d never cooked with chilli, in my family, I never use chilli in my chocolate or any of my products as, and am mildly intolerant to it! So, I don’t do Chilli! Nor with flavours which are built on trends or from public liking them just for the sake of it. All my flavours are developed with a simple, natural theme in mind, never mind what the current gastronomic trends may be. For example orange and ginger, are firm favourites with us, as a family and my customers enjoy the same.

The shop is currently closed to orders.

“We love your Raw Chocolates!” 5 Rhythms dancers, London

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Sugar-free, gluten-free, soya-free, dairy-free, agave-free.  

Suitable for Diabetics, Coeliacs & Vegans

Made from 75% Peruvian Cacao, Carob and Ugandan Vanilla

Happiness is…. Chocolate Cats! Classic Blends of Mint, Orange & Ginger 10g squares and Rose Hearts

Raw Chocolatier Chocolate is a rich source of valuable nutrients including Magnesium, Iron and Calcium.

Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and Diabetics. 

Copyright Theresa Webb 2007-16