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Bank Holiday Gardening, upcycling inside and out

I found an old disused watering can In Islington earlier in the year and saw potential for a planter, complete with a handle, to move it into different areas of the garden. Getting creative is definitely in the air over the holiday period. Especially since the time has varied and I’m needing a different approach to routine. Find your own containers to repurpose and select the best types of plants for your own, or a friend’s garden.

These are my tips for creating a feature planter using rocks inside for drainage and compost. I’ve chosen a selection of bright, colourful flowers and distinctive foliage. Snap dragons are always a firm childhood favourite and grow in random and selected spaces in our garden. A friend donated the pansy and the succulents had grown by the fence and I pulled them up and repotted them. These were in the bathroom on top of a cupboard but I suspect they prefer the outdoors for the wet conditions.

I trailed the stems across the handle of the watering can, which already has holes in the base, ideal for drainage.

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