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Ladies Yoga for walkers; off the mat!

Following the walking group on I’m delighted to share the news that we’re launching a new Ladies walking group Yoga club; off the mat ie outdoors, in a natural setting. I Prefer to stretch and exercise outdoors in nice weather and this is our aim, whilst social distancing. Since we can’t join indoor activities It’s an ideal time to play and explore new parts of common land outside.

We Meet In Forster Memorial Park on dry and preferably sunny, Tuesday mornings 11.30-12 noon. Bring a mat or rug to lie on. Payment appreciated and Donations are welcome.

Common Mallow (marsh mallow) for saliva, throats and digestive tract colon cleansing. Alongside the Poplars in the lower section of the park towards Bromley rd

My new fly tipping prevention notices were put up today, to reduce park rubbish, as Steven is the local head Litter picking volunteer. in the bottom end towards Bromley rd, We found new Lime tree, soon to bloom for a later harvest.

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