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Grow your own lunch! #projectshed!

The Corona Virus was discovered in 2019 (now abbreviated to Covid-19). Much evidence supports the view that virus originates from the Wuhan Chinese ‘wet markets’, where many living species were captured for sale, including pangolins and bats, to be killed, eaten or tortured for their secretions. A pangolin is a rare 4 legged creature with attractive skin scales, which were torn from their bodies. For many years, International Campaigners have aimed to end these unnecessary cruel practices and despite even the WHO’s warning against the risk of a virus contraction, from bat/pangolin to humans, the warning went unheeded. previously SARS, Swine Flu, bird flu and Mad cow disease all originated in the meat eating/omnivorous food chain. Once again, this covid-19 has occurred for humans to learn the unnecessary evil of capturing and torturing other living beings. Humans Worldwide are now paying a steep price; floored by a microscopic virus, however it is encouraging to learn the ways forward with creating eco system support in nature.

Turn our attention towards all the things we are able to accomplish. A small step for woman kind but a giant step in my household is my turning our family home shed into a ‘She’ shed; the equivalent of ‘Man-cave’ but for my multiple left-over seed propagation. I created space on shelves found disused trays, loo rolls for natural plant pots, a decorative old oilcloth, plastic pots plus sticky labels to make the most of the warm weather. I’ve sown seeds daily, for a broad crop. Organic Lettuces from my friends Muriel and Eddie in Winchester are sown in left over cardboard loo rolls, Vegan Organic Network: beetroot, plus seeds I’d saved from my lunchtime peppers and tomatoes. Most of them are now germinating.

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