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Strengthening our Immune systems Forster and Manor Park wild Foods

daisy for decoration
Daisy for decoration

The skies are blue; there is a sweet scent in the new, fresh air. Now it is time to strengthen our immune system with fresh ingredients; go outdoors and absorb more vitamin D! Our green spaces are now bursting with new growth, particularly in some areas of wild medicinal plants. As native medicinal plants; a wild Herbs like Nettles, are one of my favourite cleansing Springtime superfoods, as a rich source of Iron, Calcium and Magnesium. They’re ideal to add into our daily routines, for energy, stamina and relaxing blood pressure (female menstrual cramps) I recommend drinking a freshly harvested nettle tea instead of the shop bought packet type. The leaves are also ready to eat and enjoy.

In Manor Park Last week I was asked to support a 40 yr old man foraging, on our hourly exercise, we Picked nettle tips and wildflowers: Alkanet, wild leek, dead nettle and cow parsley plus lemon balm and went home to rinse them well and make tea and salad/soup.
Over The following 2 days, he very simply made a nutrient rich drink and noticed the difference. We went out again, further collecting Garlic Mustard and extra nettles for drinks. The results have been surprisingly effective.

After returning from running for 4 hrs, he shared “I feel young again inside, I see a bright future, have better sleep, think better and experience less anxiety”.

Foraging on the land brings us that bit closer to ourselves, as a dose of the most organic, free food.

Theresa Webb

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