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Foraging in Forster park

At the end of a powerful / unsettling/trying to remain calm & peaceful week, We’re relaxing, sitting drinking nettle and rose tea respectively. As a new London National Park City ranger we’re launching A Grow your own Lunch initiative. Similar to Trees for Cities. I cleared out the shed and the latest plants to go in are beetroot, lettuce and I made an exciting discovery; 4 baby plum trees (which I sowed over a year ago, have germinated).

I take all these wild herbs to support my immune system.

Tomato seeds sown

Hawthorn and nettle leaves can be brewed into a tea. Garlic mustard suits a salad or savoury main meal. Cleavers is suited to cleans to a tonic or tea, dainty dead nettle is robust and a little goes a long way.

(wash Leaves thoroughly first!) one walkers describes his first wild weed drink “ the fresh nettle tea works Absolute wonders. I had so much energy. It’s Lovely; it does work, I slept really well, it’s really good. I felt much lighter and more aware and I wanted some more.” Aki Cox 
Try it! Fresh Nettle tea, every day for a week and see how you feel. It’s better than the shop purchased variety! loaded with vitamins, magnesium and iron for energy.

garlic mustard with wild leek and living

Before picking any new medicinal plants take note of the safety rules: no picking from dog users areas, if necessary, wear gloves and use scissors.

We’ll start our weekly walks for health again shortly; with social distancing measures in place and we’ll take a video footage of my collection to show those who remain at home in isolation. Bring your own tea in a reusable cup, to drink, as the Goldsmiths community centre is closed.

Lentil Sprouts with forget-me-not, wild herb and avocado mash On Rye

We are still very much open for business in new ways.

Online shop: about to release sustainable hand harvested seaweed sourced from Cornwall.

Our services : Nutritional Therapy clinic with Theresa Webb Dip NT online.

Via Skype and Phone. (CHC Clinic in Lee is no longer open).

holistic wellbeing For older adults (in quarantine) to support immunity. Sustainable ways to feel calm, reduce anxiety, support gut health care, manage weight and diabetes. Also Cancer therapy.

Inclusive all ages.

Walking through a forest, I feel respect in every step. 

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