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A Tale of Two Gardens

theres Work to be done!

Last weekend it was the final time prior to any form of lockdown with transport, enabling us to get out and about, legally. We’ve work to do!
I took the chance to grow for London and travelled up to assist two households with planting, with my bag packed full of gardening supplies; wildflower seeds for mini meadows, salad, fruit and veg seeds and plans laid out to transform 2 different plots of land, in private houses, each also used for business purposes.

1st in G’s back garden in Golders Green
A lovely family home with a health conscious family, made sorbet, grew mini tubs. G is a former chef. I arrived In his home and observed a huge array of plants and sundries purchase from a local garden centre.

With raised beds, a mini allotment patch in a back garden.
With herbs in pots. We moved a bay tree from beneath an Elder tree to a clear spot closer to the kitchen.
We used organic wherever possible and planted 2 varieties of seed Potatoes for all uses. (Roast, mash, chip and boil).
We then Sowed seeds: radish, carrot, nasturtium and organic beetroot.
We Used a special hand held gadget to remove perfect clumps of earth ideal to plant pot bound plants or seeds. Using the hose, we watered everything in well.

The 2nd home in Islington, is a tall house with a dainty courtyard style back garden and 14 pots plus several window boxes. These are less suitable for root veg so I sowed mixed lettuce seeds, beans, several species of basil, coriander, oregano and wildflowers. Plus in the nature reserve we found and collected wild garlic, yarrow, hawthorn, deadnettle, nettle and ribwort plantain.

I watered everything with the excess rainwater that had collected in containers.

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