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Menopause solutions: natural HRT alternatives

Recently it was reported in the news that many women were distressed about the lack of menopause drugs; Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). However there are other, more sustainable choices.

The HRT hormones in the Premarin brand medication are derived from a pregnant mare’s urine. Up and down the land, women have been told to take hormones from a female horse, orally without much distain.

Fortunately choosing a more natural alternative is viable; a link exists between the our diet and our hormones, specifically the fresher the diet of a menopausal women, the healthier her hormones. 

The Change is a part of who we are, accepting the developments and embracing a new inner power is key to experiencing more glory than gory symptoms. 

Most menopausal Chinese women don’t experience the symptoms of sweats, flushing or tiredness, so a term doesn’t exist In China, as their consumption of processed meat and dairy is lower and they have a high soya consumption than in western societies. (The oestrogenic affect in soya has prevented the common symptoms.) Similar food method may also be beneficial in the west.

A combination of Raw, living foods specifically living foods (specifically sprouted/germinated seeds) and Asian, African, Caribbean and European natural Herbal remedies has been heralded as useful and case study proven for women to reduce symptoms of the Menopause. These sprouted seeds contain high levels of antioxidants and are lower in saturated fats. Whole grain plant foods as opposed to processed animal ingredients. A vegetarian and vegan lifestyle not only contributes towards a reduction in symptoms but understanding our bodies requirements from within.

During a nutrition clinic consultation we develop natural solutions towards a dietary practice in harmony with your own lifestyle, to balance your hormones naturally through nutrient intake and understanding your activity. Provide a plan for the future weeks and months ahead.

Kitchen Buddy courses focus on how to harness the benefits of natural HRT alternatives, learn how to grow your own therapy, with us.

Our half day Foraging and natural Food session includes:

  1. Hands on plant based cookery and growing techniques in any space.
  2. Foraging (collecting medicinal plants) including wild weeds with healing properties
  3. Learning the food combination methods, to prepare and share your meal together with us. 
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