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Make positive choices with a Holistic Naturopathic Nutrition course and consultation lead by local Nutritional Therapist, Theresa Webb DipNT (CNM).

Enabling you to feel more alert, attentive and achieve your natural weight management, A series of Nutrition Consultations provides tailor-made recipes and support to achieve your goals and aspirations. Improve the ways to handle & reduce stress, improve energy levels and sleep better; held at my Central London clinic during the week. To find out more visit Appointment and Consultation Process.

Find your inner happiness: discover a new confidence in your kitchen; develop new recipes and essential time saving & money saving skills for Vegan & Gluten-Free food, with easy-to-follow menus in weight reduction & lifestyle treatment plans.

Initial Nutrition Consultation (60-90 mins) with medical questionnaire. Plus, follow-up review sessions (60 mins) to book via the London Natural Health Clinic, Holborn. TOTAL £105.00 See Nutritional Therapy Clinics to make an appointment.

Naturopathic Nutrition Gift Vouchers

For those seeking practical tuition support in the kitchen, a 3hr Kitchen Buddy Workshop provides an afternoon (or any alternative suitable time of choice) to learn how to enjoy making a series of dishes eg. an organic 3 course organic meal of your choice with menus and recipes supplied by Nutritionist and Chef, Theresa Webb BA.Dip NT for just  £95.00.

Our Mission

Kitchen Buddy focuses on Sustainable, ecologically friendly and nutritious lifestyles for body and mind and the planet. By utilising and focusing on areas which are beneficial and to avoid companies or organisations which have a negative impact upon our environment.

Wheat as a crop damages the land and has a detrimental effect on human health in long-term consumption, in a refined form, particularly.

Meat & Dairy – livestock create excess pollution and greenhouse gases which prevent a reduction in global warming.

For a sustainable, ethical, nutritious and spiritual practice, without Wheat, Meat, Dairy and sugar, leaves us with plant foods to focus and the effects and benefits of a purely plant based diet and including a majority or totality of raw, living foods are notably profound.

  • Clean Blood; improves cardiovascular health, circulation, reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Strong immune system
  • Calm nervous system
  • Colourful and easy to prepare
  • Energy, endurance, stamina and strength / strong muscle and skeletal health
  • Mind clarity; Alert, clearer thinking and intuition
  • Uplifts mood
  • Fast recovery from sport/athletics, exercise and dance
  • Glow; radiant skin
  • Clearer eyesight
  • Weight balance
  • Longevity and anti-aging
  • Deeper connections to nature, other people and the divine

Due to a number of factors:

Other species are specific in selecting either fresh prey (eg. carnivores, in the case of spiders) or fresh vegetation (herbivores). They do not use pots, pans or ovens and their survival rate is generally higher.

Nutrient dense; fresh foods consumed below 42 degrees in its natural state contains more vitamins and minerals than when cooked and heat processed food. Heat over this temperature destroys many of the life sustaining enzymes and distorts their molecular structure. It renders molecules as ‘denatured’.

High in digestive enzymes and antioxidants; all cellular life-enhancing properties, found in the multi-coloured vegetables and fruits during the seasons.

An Almond example: A fresh Almond contains the blue-print to grow into an Almond tree and to produce fruit and nuts, when planted into the earth. However, a toasted or roasted almond decays in the soil as its life and reproduction enzymes are destroyed and minimised in the heat.

We are what we eat and absorb

Our cells absorb what we eat and this affects our cellular make-up. What we eat can make a difference to how we feel, as well as how we grow and develop with skin conditions or digestive concerns, many of which right themselves through a change in diet as the body seeks to regulate and balance itself. Raw, living foods often provide a greater compliment of specific nutrients which promote healthier cellular rejuvenation. Consuming a higher proportion of our foods in a natural form, thereby avoiding wheat (& heated grain), meat & animal products and sugar improves our nutrient compliment.

The following positive, life affirming, raw vegan foods include: Fresh, ripe and ideally Organic wherever possible.

Fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds (soaked or fresh), sprouting pulses and legumes, soaked\sprouted grain, any of the above fermented (& preserved) condiments made from these items.

Dehydrated foods eg savoury crackers and condiments such as miso or shoyu (though this is a heated soy product) also may often be included.